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A business identity is more than just an image. It represents a company thus each and every element of the logo should reflect the brand of the business. This is no trivial matter; each element of the logo can carry a meaning which can affect the perception of people particularly your target market.

There are four major characteristics of a logo which a business must give specific attention. This includes the weight, presence, contrast and shape of the business identity.

Logo Presence: Maximizing Space for a Business identity

The presence of a brand logo pertains to the way the elements of the logo are maximized within its given space. Any element which will find its way to the logo should carry a meaning to it and it should contribute to the overall theme of the image.

Think of these elements as parts of a piano which should complement with each other for a coherent tone. If all the elements of a logo are well planned, its presence will resound and be more recognizable by people.

On the other hand, when the elements are dissonant and unrelated, they can create a cluttered logo with minimal presence. Typically, this type of logo will appear boring or unimportant to people.

Presence is all about catching the attention of people. After all, this should be the purpose of each and every logo. A logo with good presence will help propel a brand for easy recognition and familiarity.

Contrast: Clearing the Edges of Elements

Successful logos and icons have good contrast in its elements. It is easier to recognize the edges of visual elements when there is good contrast. This is usually achieved with a nice blend of colors and placement of visual elements.

An excellent way to check the contrast of a logo is the squint test. It entails looking directly and quickly at a business icon at first glance. A business should also consider users who are practically color blind. A stark contrast in elements will help in this matter.

With the help of a graphic application, it is also possible to desaturate the logo. This is where a business can find out if the contrast of colors will still be recognizable. Remember that a logo must be versatile wherever medium it is printed whether it is an enormous billboard or a small corporate souvenir. A logo with excellent contrast will normally have no problem on this end.

Determining the Weight of a Logo

A logo should also have the properties of weight to improve its function. The excellent measure of weight is a logo that does not rely on slim and light features to be recognized.

It is likely that a brand will find its way alongside many other brand logos. If the weight of the logo is in bold weight, it can easily stand out and be seen whatever the circumstances.

The wise choice of colors is a vital step in securing the weight of a logo.  On the other hand, distracting elements such as uncoordinated colors, gradients, 3D effects and intricate patterns can decrease logo weight. As a rule, the fewer colors there are in a logo, the better the chances of standing out. Google just may be the exception owing to its early success.

Shape: Distinct Outline for Easy Recognition

It should be the aim of a logo to create an identity image for a brand. A business icon is likely to have a distinct look if its shape is unique. This will help users associate this logo shape with a business brand.

The human brain has an affinity with images. It can easily and swiftly tag a business logo and use it as a reference for the quality of a brand. An identifiable logo has a simple and clear outline; its elements prioritize clarity and meaning. The use of white space should also be a major consideration.

Imagine the logos of Apple, Nike and Adidas for example. Whether near or far, the outlines of these brands are easily identifiable. There is also an instant association with the quality products and services of these brands. This reputation is the result of years of dedicated work and customer care. However, the easy identification of these logos has a lot to do with its shape.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.