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Places to Be Seen: The Five Best Social Networking Sites for Small Businesses

Every business owner knows that social marketing can be the key to success, but it can be hard to decide exactly where to focus your efforts. We know that no one has time to keep up profiles on twenty different sites, so here are the top five social networking sites for small businesses like yours. By focusing on one or two of these, you can make sure your efforts pay off without detracting from actually running your business and get some free sources of advertising for your small business.

1. Facebook Logo Design

Facebook Logo Design
Everyone is on Facebook lately, which is why you should be as well. This social networking site is where modern people of all ages go to make friends, share new ideas, and of course to learn about new brands and products. Facebook is the grown-up equivalent of the teenaged social networking sites, and an invaluable source of free marketing for business owners savvy enough to use this platform wisely.

2. LinkedIn Logo Design

LinkedIn Logo Design
This website caters directly to professionals, which can be a real benefit as well. It is a valuable area for sharing information and meeting new contacts. You can learn from the foibles of similar business in similar areas, find a mentor who has been where you are, or merely find new and interesting suppliers. If your business caters to other businesses, you cannot afford not to be seen on LinkedIn.

3. Badoo Logo Design

Badoo Logo Design
If you have any European customers, Badoo may be a site to check out. This site is quickly becoming the premier social networking site in England and beyond. It’s a great way of taking your business global, especially if you are selling a product that is not widely available in Europe and you are willing to familiarize yourself with the travails of running an international business.

4. Yelp! Logo Design

Yelp! Logo Design
Yelp is a website where customers can leave reviews, good or bad. By setting up a profile and inviting customers to leave an honest opinion, you can kick start the kind of word-of-mouth buzz that makes small businesses take off. Just be sure you are providing the caliber of service that will create glowing reviews and not the exact opposite. Remember that word of mouth can go both ways.

5. Classmates Logo Design

Classmates Logo Design
Are you more likely to buy products from childhood friends and other people that you remember from your early years? If so, you are not alone. Luckily, this goes both ways; people you knew from way back when will love being able to support your current business ventures. Give them the opportunity by setting up a profile at this bustling website. Websites such as Classmates offer the ability to set up a profile with a link to your website. These profiles require less maintenance than other websites, so you will get more bang for your time.

Social networking is not just a fun way to waste a few hours; it is also a reliable and predictable way of marketing your business to a whole new customer base while getting low cost visibility for your carefully crafted brand. Don’t get left behind by the cyber revolution; take advantage of these and other web opportunities to take your small business to the next level by learning about the top 5 ways social media marketing can help build your small business.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.