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Cigar logos are different from just about every other food and drink logo. They tend to have highly detailed designs, although as we will see there are notable exceptions. Because this item has traditionally been associated with wealth and Latin American culture, these themes weigh heavily in cigar logos as well. Cigar logos are a diverse group with a lot of history, and they are one of few types where a design may have been used continuously for a century or more. These ten logos are not just the most visually attractive, but the most meaningful as well.

1. 898 Cigar Logo Design

898 Cigar Logo Design
This brand of cigar has a round logo that is made of tobacco leaves, but there is an obvious reference to the sun as well. The manufacturer’s name and initial take center stage. The colors, brown and gold, are representative of the product color and wealth, both of which are very appropriate. This is one of the simpler cigar logos, which makes it easy to pick out from the crowd.

2. Montecruz Cigar Logo Design

Montecruz Cigar Logo Design
This is another simple cigar logo, with a basic white background and a familiar brown color scheme. However, this is where the similarities to the 898 logo end. A stylized flower in the center makes up the sole image, adding an artisan touch to the logo. The writing is rounded in places to give a friendly feeling along with visual interest, while the bold lettering and subtle shadows add importance.

3. Arturo Fuente Cigar Logo Design

Arturo Fuente Cigar Logo Design
As with many cigar logos, this includes a reference to the old world, most notably the family crest of a shield with lions. However, this logo also uses square shapes regularly throughout its logo to create a feeling of tradition and straightforwardness. First, the writing is thick and square. Second, the writing is enclosed in a rectangle. Last, the shield flanked with lions creates another rectangular shape. Red and gold combined create a rich and bold color palette that draws in the eye, and the metallic gold is also reminiscent of wealth.

4. Romeo y Julieta Cigar Logo Design

Romeo y Julieta Cigar Logo Design
This is the first example of one of the more ornate cigar logos. Romeo and Juliet, for whom the brand is named, are the center of the logo in the midst of the famous balcony scene. The other key part of the logo is the gold medallions, all of which represent different awards won by the cigar throughout its many years of production. The pink banner at the top displays the name while adding another feminine touch. This is a colorful, attractive award winning logo that is recognized by cigar lovers all over the world.

5. El Rey de Mundo Cigar Logo Design

El Rey de Mundo Cigar Logo Design
Again we see an image describing the name of the cigar, which in this case is Spanish for ‘King of the World’. The king of the world is shown in an ornate painting on a cart being pulled by several different animals. A family crest is immediately below this image, surrounded by images that relate to growing and preparing tobacco. Gold medals that have been won throughout the years again flank the sides of this bright and eye catching logo.

6. Cuban Diplomat Cigar Logo Design

Cuban Diplomat Cigar Logo Design
This logo uses an attention getting red color rather than a bright picture to garner interest. The logo is overwhelmingly red with metallic gold accents that refer to wealth. The writing is stark and plain, leaving the majority of the visual interest centered on the tobacco plants that make up the central image. This logo is simpler than the others, yet still appropriate and interesting.

7. Tatuaje Cigar Logo Design

Tatuaje Cigar Logo Design
This logo is simpler than the last few, which is appropriate considering that the name is Spanish for ‘tattoo’. A fleur de lis is the most dominant image, one associated with wealth and Old World tradition. Stylized tobacco leaves are arranged in front to refer to the chief ingredient in the product. The name is written in a cursive font across the front that is reminiscent of a tattoo script, while another common Old English font is used for a description below. The brown and green color palette are representative of the colors of tobacco at different points in its life span.

8. Diamond Crown Cigar Logo Design

Diamond Crown Cigar Logo Design
What better image for a cigar brand with this name than a crown inside a diamond? To tie the two images together, the jewels in the crown match the jewels on the diamond. A red ribbon above and below displays the name of the product in plush, royal way, while the brown and gold colors in the background refer to both the color of the finished product and general wealth.

9. Sancti Spiritus Cigar Logo Design

Sancti Spiritus Cigar Logo Design
This brand of cigars is named for a geographical region of Cuba, and this is referenced in the Cuban flag images that flank the main image on both sides. A gold circle refers to wealth while adding a friendly image. The photograph in the center is a well known landmark of the namesake area. The plain red writing without serifs or details is simple enough not to detract from the image. The overall color scheme is that of the Cuban flag, a positive image in this case as the nation is known for its high quality cigars.

10. Old Henry Cigar Logo Design

Old Henry Cigar Logo Design
While most cigar logos use images that relate either to history, the company name, or tobacco itself, Old Henry chooses to use an image of a dog that was well known throughout the company. The endearing pooch’s face makes up the central image, surrounded by gold medals representing several awards for excellence. The red stripes in the background give a homey feeling because they are reminiscent of wainscoting, a feeling that is bolstered by the old fashioned writing that is used for the company name.
These cigar logos have very little in common, but there nonetheless are a few themes. First, the tobacco plant is usually referred to, as is wealth in general. Second, tradition weighs heavily here, which is appropriate as many of these companies have more than a century of continuous production under their belt. What all of these logos have in common is that they are attractive and uniquely representative of the companies they represent.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.