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Construction, building, development and property building is a competitive business, but there are ways you can stay ahead of the competition. One method that will set you apart is branding. Simply put, this means putting a face on your business to make it more appealing to your potential clients. This will make them feel like they know your company and thus be more likely to choose it. The key to creating a brand is to have an attractive, professional construction company logo created for your business. A graphic artist can help you through the following steps:

Choose a property builder logo oriented graphics. If you look at the average property construction project, you will see a lot of triangles and squares. These and other angular shapes are strongly associated with building logos and construction. For this reason, your construction company brand may benefit from using these shapes as a graphic. Other choices for custom logo graphics include tools, hard hats, and buildings. The right graphic artist can turn basic shapes and symbols into a memorable, stylish logo that speaks to customers.

Choose a development logo oriented color. Black and white can be a bold choice with the right graphic, but color can also make logos friendlier and more memorable. Because the signs on construction brand projects are often red, orange, and/or yellow, these are popular and attention-getting choices for a construction company logo. Whatever the color palette you choose, keep it to one or two colors (including black) only to avoid a cluttered or confusing logo.

Prominently display your company name. Your company brand name is an important part of your construction company brand. Use a bold, readable font so your potential customers can easily read the wording and connect the picture with your name. Connecting your name to your logo is an important part of branding, and including your name in the logo itself will make this inevitable.

Place your property developer company brand. Once you have a custom logo that is perfect for your company, let it do its work by displaying it at every opportunity. Put your logo on signs placed on current and completed jobs. Use it in advertisements. Many company owners find that company t-shirts are a good way to keep your logo in the public eye. Not only will company shirts help your workers meet your grooming standards, they allow customers and employees alike to identify at a glance who belongs on the worksite. Employees will wear your company shirts to and from work as well as at lunch, displaying your logo in otherwise impossible locations. Customers will connect your construction company identity to the quality of your work if you include your custom logo wherever possible.

Get on the world wide web. One benefit of a construction business brand is that it can be a springboard for a web site, setting the style and color palette. Your next step should be to develop a web presence, including a website with information about your company’s strong points. Many modern people use the internet as a resource when looking for a construction company, so the web can be considered a modern equivalent of the yellow pages.

Construction companies with a brand and a recognizable construction business branding are more successful. Don’t hide your light under a bushel; let your community and your customers see what your company stands for.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.