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Almost everyone wears jeans, and most of us have our favorite brands. Because clothing & fashion is an industry with immense brand loyalty, building a brand and a logo design that invite a following is a must. The following eight logos are well recognized in the UK… but which will win the Clash of the Logos?

The New Classic.

The Natural Selection brand is based on Darwin’s theories of evolution, this time applied to denim. The logo shows an old-fashioned bird, one of the species that Darwin studied as a matter of fact, riding an old-fashioned bicycle. The simplicity of the logo reflects the type of denim that this retro brand offers and also adds to the recognition of the brand. Natural Selection believes that only the best brands will survive the market, infusing the entire brand.

The High Street Denim Standard.

The Diesel brand offers a bold logo design, with bright, popping red as the primary color. Bold white letters contrast against the background, while the tagline below gives an upscale touch. One of the main benefits of this clothing logo design is that it is easy to identify in almost all sizes and even from great distances and makes it easy for customers to spot it both in the store and on people wearing it, which certainly has helped to build the brand image.

The European Favourite.

dsquared logo design

The Dsquared logo design ties directly into the name with square lettering that has been rounded for a friendly feeling. A modern font creates a contemporary and distinctive image that is definitely congruent with the brand image, with several of the letters such as the Q formed in unique and interesting ways. The way the last letter has a small two on the upper right-hand side ties into the name cleverly. Simple black and white is a great color choice for a fashion brand, but perhaps a little generic in a text-only logo.

The Fun Brand.

nudie jeans logo design

Nudie Jeans has another text-only fashion logo design, this time in a handwritten scrawl that ties into the fun and relaxed feeling of the brand. The name is easy to remember and sure to inspire interest, making it a massive benefit to the brand. Again we see black and white color, which feels a little cliché. Another disadvantage of this logo design is that it isn’t bold enough to stand alone on a small clothing label; the pocket patches instead use a more recognizable upper case N has drawn backward. While this logo design is certainly relevant and attractive, we recommend that this brand adopt one logo that can be used in all contexts.

The Western Exotic.

prps logo design

Prps may not seem like an exotic brand at first glance, but consider the mere juxtaposition of Japanese denim made from African cotton.  The products are then sewn into American styles and given modern wear marks and frays in concordance with the current fashion. The result is a melange of culture. The casted Cupid combined with the tagline hint at the fashionably worn styles, while the classic writing implies old-time quality. In a surprising and yet relevant choice, the color of the logo design is a deep, denim blue.

The Stoic Type.

APC store logo design

The APC Denim brand truly presents itself as a bold standard, with the simplest possible logo design. The writing is simple and thick, giving an imposing presence in black and white against a black background. Although this logo design is highly recognizable, it is equally forgettable. The logo design does nothing to differentiate itself from the other denim brands out there, which may just be a fatal mistake for the brand.

The British/Asian Blend.

allevol logo design

Japanese denim is all the rage among blue jean lovers, and it is also one of the hallmarks of the Allevol brand. The logo design of this company features a traditional Japanese plantation and denim factory, tying into one very important part of the brand. The logo design has words intended to inform people of the British design and Japanese construction that do into these denim products, while also adding to the general vintage feeling of the company. This logo is different from most other denim logos, which is appropriate as the business itself is very unique.

The Counter Culture Statement.

firetrap logo design

Firetrap has a slightly offbeat brand and a logo design to match. The black and white seen here is not so much a standard mark of sophistication, but instead has stark implications and the moody feeling of a black and white photograph. The jagged clack shape surrounding the wording appears to be some sort of tank or warship, giving an edgy hint of violence that is certainly confirmed by the tagline. The wording is slightly off-centre, adding to the counter-culture feeling that is so attractive to young people in London.

Who is the winner of this clash? APC Denim, Dsquared, and Nudie Jeans all use text-only logos in black and white, therefore missing out on a valuable chance to build their brand. The colour of the Diesel logo design is both eye catching and easy to spot, but the design is just a little too bland for modern tastes. The Allevol logo design is certainly different, but too complicated to work well in a variety of sizes and materials. While Prps and Firetrap both have a unique logo design that certainly suits their brand, the edgy images may be upsetting to much of the market.

This leaves our winner: Natural Selection. This logo design is unique and memorable, a true conversation piece. It is simple enough to work well on a small clothing label but detailed enough to be visually interesting at larger sizes. Best of all, it is directly relevant to the brand. Natural Selection is already a favorite among upmarket denim lovers in the UK, and its interesting and unique brand practically ensures even more success in the future.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.