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There was a time when bars and other drinking establishments paid very little attention to branding. The assumption was that people were there to drink, not to buy into a brand. However, we have seen many bar logos lately that are sure to entice customers in droves. It just goes to show that there is no industry too small or too sinful for beverage logo design or alcohol logo design to have a huge effect on success. Here are ten logos that are proving our point with every drink consumed.

1. Martini House Logo Design

Martini House Logo Design
This logo design has a black and white color palette that might be boring if the establishment didn’t specialize in a beverage known for a simple yet sophisticated taste. The image ties directly into the name, with two martini glasses enclosing a house. The writing is simple and bold, again resembling the martini. This logo is understated but undeniably makes a statement.

2. Bridges Pub & Eatery Logo Design

Bridges Pub & Eatery Logo Design
Again, we see the name of the bar worked into the image in a clever and memorable way. In this case, the shape of a suspension bridge is filled with cutlery, hinting that there is much more than peanuts to sample here. The brown and tan color scheme is earthy and modern at the same time. In addition, this is the color palette of beers and ales, making it an appropriate choice. Not only is this logo design appropriate for the business, it also is more modern than that of the average pub, suggesting that you will find a very different pub experience here.

3. Bar Code Logo Design

Bar Code Logo Design
Sometimes using puns in a name or logo design comes out just a little too contrived, but in this case, it is successful. The name plays on a term that every modern shopper is familiar with, and the ubiquitous bar code is also used to fill a pint glass in the image. The yellow is youthful and positive, while the black creates the perfect contrast.

4. Wine Kingdom Logo Design

Wine Kingdom Logo Design
Again, color is used to send a message, in this case, a sophisticated message suggesting that this is a more upscale wine bar. The image in the logo design is a single wine glass, with the barrel drawn to look like a castle turret. The image might have come off as too medieval or cartoony were it not for the simple color scheme, but in black and white it is interesting and still contemporary.

5. The Brewer’s Art Logo Design

The Brewer’s Art Logo Design
Here we see images associated with brewing, but very stylized—a stalk of grain, a single hop flower—with a stylized spiral sun in the background. The use of several empty stalks in the logo design create a balanced image and imply that the picture is drawn post-harvest, which is when the newest beer varieties usually hit the market. The green is earthy yet modern, providing exactly the right image for this highly rated bar.

6. Latitudes Logo Design

Latitudes Logo Design
This logo has very little in common with the smooth, sophisticated bar logos we have seen so far, but in this case with good reason. This bar offers a traditional rowdy Alaskan drinking experience. The tagline explains the name, while the image of a king crab nursing a tall glass of beer just screams, ‘Drinking in Alaska’. Lifelike colors add a touch of realism, while the jagged writing implies a somewhat rough experience. Because people who visit Alaska aren’t necessarily looking for a wine bar with gourmet leanings, this kitschy yet cool logo is a winner.

7. Zeitgeist Logo Design

Zeitgeist Logo Design
This former biker bar in a gentrified neighborhood offers a taste of the rough side for local professionals. This makes this rather scary logo design an important part of the brand. Combining two rather naughty symbols—a skull and a Playboy bunny—creates a unique image that is interesting and a little scary. Because the bar is located in an upscale neighborhood where people are more like to ride a ten-speed than a Harley, the counter culture brand is cool and doesn’t scare anyone away. Black and white is not only a good choice in color; it is the only choice that would have made sense for this San Francisco bar.

8. Strange Brew Tavern Logo Design

Strange Brew Tavern Logo Design
This bar is well known for its live music, as the name suggests. For this reason, the image of a saxophone complimented by lettering also in metallic brass tones is a great choice. The use of old-fashioned lettering and little embellishment gives the impression of a simple, back to basics experience, in this case with great music. This logo suggests the comfortable charm of an old-fashioned jazz bar, which is exactly what it is offering.

9. Little Branch Logo Design

Little Branch Logo Design
This bar has an ultra-modern image that is in part created by its logo design. The simple white background with metallic gold writing is a nice change from the mainstay of black and white. The simple, no-frills writing and lack of a picture in this logo design suggest that this is a place for a simple, uncomplicated night out. Considering how trying the bar scene can be, I bet many people find Little Branch’s subtle brand a welcome alternative.

10. Barcade Logo Design

Barcade Logo Design
This logo design includes a play on words that in this case is very appropriate—the bar in question has one of the largest collections of old-fashioned arcade games for drinkers to amuse themselves with. The logo is the company name with rays of lights drawn above, which ties into the arcade theme. The black and white combined with the way the logo design appears to be drawn out of chalk adds a little homegrown touch that adds interest to the overall image.
There are many ways to approach a bar logo. In fact, there really are no right and wrong moves in this industry. What’s important is that the logo design matches the unique brand of the establishment in question and create an image that will draw in people looking for a drink.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.