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There are several advantages to having a black and white logo design. First, it can hint at sophistication. Second, it gives a factual, ‘black and white’ image. From a practical standpoint, black and white is easy to reproduce, with no worry about matching exact hues. It tends to look clean and uncluttered.

Color makes an important statement in logo design, but choosing not to use color can say just as much. While black and white logos are often boring and a little too understated, these black and white logos are attractive, inviting, and perfect for the businesses they represent.

1. Office Strategies Logo Design

Office Strategies Logo Design
This logo design is ultra-simple, which is appropriate for office services and products. The writing is as plain as can be in basic white letters on the black background. The real star here is the thumbtack image, in which the top of the tack is formed into a castle turret. Because castles were known for high security and strength, this is certainly a positive image for any business and likely to attract interest. The implication is that you can add security and strength the way you would casually order thumbtacks and other office supplies.

2. Mill Logo Design

Mill Logo Design
At first glance, this logo design appears to be a bunch of lines, although there is much more to it. If viewers are interested enough to take a second glance, the lines form the name of the company. Although this image is as basic as it can be, the visual pun makes it interesting and clever. The lack of color makes it easy to see the whole picture.

3. Minimal Magazine Logo Design

Minimal Magazine Logo Design
Any magazine with this name would have to have a minimalist logo design and this one certainly fits the bill. A single line is morphed into a smooth, flowing M, N, and L, although the name of the magazine is written below for those who don’t see it right off. The image speaks of movement, but also of simplicity. No other color scheme would work as well here, so black and white was a very appropriate choice.

4. Panda Communications Logo Design

Panda Communications Logo Design
This company is named after everyone’s favorite black and white bear, so this color palette makes good sense in this case. Because of the way the black ear is situated, the first two letters appear to be the panda’s eyes. The writing is rounded and friendly, creating an image of relaxed fun. Because panda bears are rare and exotic, this friendly image maintains a bit of mystery.

5. Swansongs Logo Design

Swansongs Logo Design
Although this term usually has unpleasant connotations, this logo design manages to create a graceful image to associate with the phrase. The treble clef mark associated with music is combined with a swan to tie in perfectly to the name of the company. Because this logo design is obviously going for a sophisticated artsy look, the simple black and white is the perfect color scheme.

6. Industrial Wisdom LLC Logo Design

Industrial Wisdom LLC Logo Design
The Industrial Wisdom logo features a head with the top rapidly spiraling off into space. The simple way in which this is drawn keeps it from being gory or shocking and instead lets the image imply that this is a company that specializes in new and interesting ideas. The angular way in which the head is drawn emphasizes the round shape of the spiral coming out of it. Together with the plain, bold writing, they create an eye catching logo design that stands out even without bright colors. Logo Credit

7. Wiesinger Music Logo Design

Wiesinger Music Logo Design
It is well known that piano keys are traditionally black and white, so it is likely that this color scheme was not so much chosen by the company as chosen for it. However, in this case it works well. Because this is a piano related company, the image is relevant and clever at the same time. The piano keys are arranged for form the company initials, creating a rather serious square shape that is beautifully offset by the rounded letters below. The image is memorable and certainly has helped this company find the success it is seeking by building a musical and sophisticated brand.

8. Tidy Tom’s Cleaning Company Logo Design

Tidy Tom’s Cleaning Company Logo Design
Black and white is often described as a ‘clean’ combination, so their use in a cleaning service logo design is well planned. In this case, an arm holding a squeegee forms the T that is the initial of the company name. The square shape of the logo gives a feeling of tradition and reliability that is so important when people are letting near strangers into their homes. The letters are basic and, again, clean to add to the straightforward feeling.

9. Fit Logo Design

Fit Logo Design
One way of approaching a minimalist logo without ending up with a boring design is to make optimal use of every element, including the negative space. That is exactly the approach with this logo. The F and the T are written outright, while the I hides between them in the negative space. Because every element in a simple logo such as this must be deliberate, it is highly likely that the lower case, slightly rounded font was purposely chosen for its friendly and inclusive effect. The message is that anyone can be fit, and that it isn’t as formidable as it feels.

10. Twins Logo Design

Twins Logo Design
This logo is another clever, punny one. Although the font is ultra-simple, or perhaps because of it, the eye automatically goes to the N. The N is a little odd in appearance because it is actually a sideways number two, which ties directly into the name. The extremely traditional capital letters add a somber air that only makes the two pop even more.
There are a variety of ways to treat a black and white logo design, but the thread that joins them is extremes. Whether the design is bold or delicate, friendly or imposing, black and white logos do best when they avoid the middle ground. It takes a very talented designer to create a logo such as this… but we happen to know where you could find one.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.