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Restaurant Identities – How do you choose a restaurant? Often, this decision is based on the quality or type of food, the location, or the restaurant’s location. Some people carefully peruse restaurant reviews either on a website or in a paper publication. However, many people choose a restaurant based on their impression of that establishment. One very important part of that impression are the restaurant logos. An unprofessional logo design may make a restaurant seem unprofessional and therefore even unsafe, while a professional, custom logo design gives you instant acclaim. Here are a few restaurant logo designs that make people want to make a reservation.

1. P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Logo Design
This casual Asian eatery manages to bring a lot of gourmet feel to the casual dining market. The restaurant logo design uses red, a color commonly used in Asian motifs, but softened to appeal to the American audience. There are bonsai trees on either side of the company name, which are known for being carefully cultivated and refined versions of normal plants. Because P. F. Chang’s is trying to present a more upscale version of American Chinese food, this custom logo design is very appropriate.

2. Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill Restaurant Logo Design
This restaurant has a custom logo design that showcases the core concepts of its company. First the key part of the logo is the buffalo, which is appropriate for a chain known for bison meat dishes. The restaurant name is written in a classic diner font which showcases another key part of the restaurant culture: classic comfort food. Last, the restaurant logo includes a catch line that advertises another large part of the company’s culture: ‘Eat great. Do good’. This restaurant is known for using unusual techniques to be more environmentally friendly, so customers are making a conscientious choice when they choose Ted’s Montana Grill over the many competitors. With adventurous food choices a popular theme on food shows and the green movement gaining momentum, it’s easy to see how this restaurant logo design alone will pull in customers.

3. Picholine

Picholine Restaurant Logo Design
This continental restaurant in the New York City area has chosen to incorporate the meaning of their name into their custom logo design. The picholine is perhaps the best known variety of olive, and the plant that produces this olive is displayed in a stylized logo that is sophisticated and simple at the same time.

4. Panera

Panera Restaurant Logo Design
This restaurant serves a variety of casual meals, but they are best known for their homemade artisan breads. Their custom logo design, as such, shows a woman holding bread. Her wavy hair incorporates a trendy logo theme, waves, which give a feeling of flexibility and ease. The logo makes customers think this will be a comfortable and easy place to get wholesome, homemade food, which is exactly the image the company is seeking.

5. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Restaurant Logo Design
The Hard Rock Café is not just an eating establishment, but a brand. This busy chain has a long list of restaurants as well as hotels, casinos, and more. Luckily, the custom logo design of the original restaurants was simple enough to be changed up a little for all of the company’s ventures. The café logo is incredibly effective because it is circular, which feels inclusive, while incorporating the classic red and yellow colors associated with hamburgers. This company also has a custom font, which has allowed them to use elements of their logo in every area of their marketing. Is the custom logo design responsible for the company’s success? It’s hard to say, but it likely is at least a part of it.

6. Ivar’s

Ivar’s Restaurant Logo Design
Ivar’s is a seafood chain based in the Pacific Northwest known for fresh seafood and the best clam chowder in the world. The logo features the restaurant name (which is the founder’s name as well) in shades of blue, a color that connotes both water and calm. The waves, which suggest the ocean where most of the entrees are from, are commonly used in logos right now, but this custom logo design predates that trend.

7. Nando’s

Nando’s Restaurant Logo Design
This South Africa based Portuguese restaurant offers home-style Portuguese cuisine with an African twist. They are known for high quality and a lot of spicy chicken dishes. This chain has grown to be a worldwide chain, at least in part because its logo is direct and attractive to a variety of cultures. The chicken is the centerpiece of the logo, and also the food. The red and green colors connote both heat and freshness, which are the two main characteristics of the food at Nando’s.

8. Mrs. Field’s

Mrs. Field’s Restaurant Logo Design
This cookie and yogurt vendor may not be a restaurant per se, but they are certainly one of the most recognizable logos in the food court. The company culture is based around its founder, a woman who turned her exceptional baking skills into a national chain. The custom logo design is simply the company name in what appears to be a woman’s handwriting. It is written at a slant, so it looks like an autograph. Mrs. Field’s name is all over her company’s cookies, and the logo as well. Some how this looks very similar to one of the top 10 logo mistakes examples that we wrote about – Fender logo.

9. Cosi

Cosi Restaurant Logo Design
This restaurant’s logo began as a sun and a moon, but has been changed to a flame with a quarter moon shape around it. Why are a sun and a moon so appropriate for this restaurant chain? Cosi began as a French sandwich shop specializing in lunch. However, the company bought another restaurant, Xando, that mainly offered evening meals. The company then began offering both meals. The warm, autumnal color palette is refreshing in a field where bright colors tend to dominate. This restaurant’s custom food and drink logo design is reflective of both its past and its future.

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Restaurant Logo Design
Unlike the other restaurants on this list, McDonald’s is not known for particularly unique or high quality food. However, this logo has one thing going for it: recognition. The red and yellow colors are reminiscent of the ketchup and mustard on their burgers, while the ‘M’ is in a unique font. This custom logo design is so simple it cannot be forgotten, and the colors are catchy and relevant.


As you can see, what makes a restaurant’s custom logo design a winner can vary from restaurant to restaurant. This is because effective logos are by nature intensely personal and tailored to both the establishment, the food, and the market. While a winning logo design won’t guarantee world-class food, it certainly will draw in customers eager to try your fare.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.