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Custom Logo Design – Is your customer base less loyal than you would prefer? Do your employees have a hard time expressing exactly what sets your corporation apart from others? If so, your company may be in need of a custom logo design. Many people think that only huge multi-national organizations need things like custom logo designs, but in fact, every business big or small can benefit from having a brand. Luckily, this can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

A custom logo design is essential for your brand in the business world today. A business must portray itself as professional and must use a custom logo design to do so. There are many processes that determine the look and effect of the logo design. The most important of these processes is the creative process of the custom logo design. This is the process where the many ideas all come together to form the final logo design.

The first step is immersion

The client and the designer must immerse themselves in the logo design. They must gather raw material and inspiration. These materials may range from newspaper clippings to personal photos. All ideas are gathered together and looked at in different ways to develop ideas for the logo design.

The second step is digestion

The designer then digests all of the information that they have gathered. They will draw and think of ideas using the information that has been found as inspiration for the logo design. Many ideas may be drawn out at this time for later use.

The third step is incubation

The designer will allow the many thoughts and ideas to settle. They will put the project out of their conscious mind and let their subconscious mind work. New ideas may appear at this time or they may begin to lean towards one particular idea and begin playing with that. Sometimes you have to step away from the work and let the work come to you.

The fourth step is illumination

At this point the designer will finally see the light bulb flash above his head. One idea will be chosen as the “one.” This idea will be worked up and possibly presented to the client.

The fifth step is reality or verification

Here the client will make any necessary revisions to the idea. The logo design will be worked into its final stages and put in a practical and useful form.

As you may see, most of the work in creating a great logo design is done in the designer’s mind. They look for inspiration and work with the client to find the right ideas for the logo design. Many ideas may be drawn and presented and these steps may be covered many times. In some instances the designer may have a creative block and will have to start all over-looking for the perfect idea and design.

Steps in creating a custom logo design:

1. Define your corporate identity. If your company were a person, what kind of person would it be? What would make him or her unique? In short, what exactly sets your company apart from its competition? Corporate identity and logo design are inseparably linked, so this step is a crucial part of developing custom logo designs.

2. Create a custom logo. Some people try to accomplish this step themselves, and those who are gifted logo design team or logo designer and have the right resources may very well be successful. For others, a reputable logo design firm is the answer. A firm like SpellBrand will have a full stable of employees who are experts in corporate identity and logo design, people who can create several custom logo designs that express your company’s core values and unique personality.

3. Get your logo out in public. There are several ways to do this. Most logo design companies include custom logo designs on items likes signage and stationery design, but there are other opportunities. Your logo should be on every item that leaves your business, from invoices to packaging materials. Custom t-shirt design, hats, and other wearable items get your message out into the community and increase your market’s awareness of your brand. Whether you chose a logo design firm or created your own, that corporate identity and logo design likely result in a good investment. Use your brand to your best advantage by getting it in the public eye as much as possible.

A good logo doesn’t just fill in that lonely corner of your business card; it expresses who you are as a business and gives you the opportunity to determine your company’s core values. Creating a corporate identity and logo design is important, but presenting it accurately and attractively with custom logo designs is the key to creating and maintaining a loyal customer base. While the process of defining your custom logo design can be difficult, it is nonetheless an important part of holding your own and getting ahead in a brutally competitive marketplace.

Study: Logos can affect our creativity

Here’s another compelling reason why logo design is important in building your brand identity. A new study suggests that exposure to famous logo designs can affect our creativity or thinking processes.

Published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the experiments of professors in Duke University and University of Waterloo (Canada) concluded that “even the briefest exposure to well-known brands can cause people to behave in ways that mirror those brands’ traits.”

Several experiments comparing competing well-known brands were conducted to validate this theory. The first one involved the famous Apple and IBM logos. After testing more than 300 students, each participant was asked to identify the possible uses of bricks aside from building a wall. It turned out those who are exposed to Apple logo have provided more unusual and creative answers compared to the IBM group. Since Apple is known for its innovation and creative flair, the group simply mirrored its traits.

Another test was conducted between Disney and E! TV Channel and the result was the same. Disney group shown a more “family” behavior compared to the group exposed to the gossip-laden E! Channel.

This study underscores the importance of creating memorable logo designs and more importantly putting strong emphasis on building your brand traits. In terms of implementation, one of the professors recommends that famous brands should put more emphasis on brief brand exposure and less on print or TV ads.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.