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There was a time when companies used special symbols in their product labels for the easy identification of the manufacturer. These were the earliest forms of logos. Over the years, the use and significance of logos have been stretched far beyond the periphery of mere product labels.

Today, the logos are the most important part of marketing, where all the promotional tools carry the signature of the company—its logo. Where can you find a city without giant billboards depicting the logos of corporate giants? Which company today prints their brochures without the company logo? Where can you find an organization fighting for a cause without the use of a promotional logo?

Thus logos have the most ubiquitous presence in today’s business scenario. So how can you expect e-commerce to survive without the oxygen of this most creative marketing tool of the modern marketing approaches? A logo is as important for e-commerce, as it is important for any brick and Mortar business establishment.

The logo– according to modern marketing specifications—performs several functions. Not only it represents a company, but it also gives the business brand recognition. More importantly, the logo reflects the vision of the company and helps create an impression in the collective minds of the targeted clientele. Eventually, the logo becomes the symbol of trust that you share with your customers.

Now for an e-commerce establishment, the logo becomes even more important for a number of reasons:

Attract more visitors to your site
As an e-merchant, you are selling products through your site. Your business growth is directly proportionate to the size of the traffic. An attractive logo will help you draw increased traffic to your site.

Create the brand identity
The logos can visually communicate and better communicate the unique features of your site or product. What a few words cannot do, visually attractive graphics can do it more easily. Nothing can be a more effective form of advertisement than a strategically placed logo. Only you need to spread the company banner carrying the logo tactically over the internet.

So how do you tactically use your logos?
You have to place ads on popular sites to gain visibility of a great target market. In e-commerce marketing, it is important to capture the attention of the internet surfers who happen to make the most unpredictable audience. A professionally designed logo, on the other hand, will compel the customers to see your message.

Design of the logo matters
The main idea is to strike a chord with your customers through a convincing message about your product. The e-commerce logos have to be intelligently crafted so that they are able to create a positive first impression on the minds of savvy e-shoppers who are rather prone to the habit of clicking out from one site to another. But once the logo is successful in making that impression, rest assured, you have won the next customer of your product.

Here is the bottom line: don’t try to take a shortcut to success. Hire a professional logo designer to create the perfect logo for your e-business. To grab the attention of most whimsical creed of the audience, you have to hit the right string of the emotion and only a professional designer knows the address of the right note.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.