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Do you think about what type of golf clubs you buy? If you are like many golfers, a great deal of daydreaming is dedicated to this topic. People buy a certain brand not just for its technological capabilities, but for its image and its appeal to others. Your golf clubs are not just a tool, but a status symbol. These ten sports logos offer a cohesive brand that golfers will love to partake of.

1. Katana Golf Logo Design

Katana Golf Logo Design
This Golf Brand logo design may appear simple, but appearances can be deceiving. The bold, black lettering gives an imposing image that is underscored by the use of triangular shapes for the letter A. Triangles also make up an important part of the logo’s image, which is a K formed from triangles situated on either side of a slash. The slash combined with the slightly angled lettering give a feeling of movement that is crucial to this and most other sports logos.

2. Pinnacle Golf Brand Logo Design

Pinnacle Logo Design
This logo design also implies speed and movement, although it does so in a very different manner. The image of this logo design features a white circle, representing a golf ball, in a comet-like shape. This obviously implies that this brand helps to improve speed and distance. This is furthered by the tagline: ‘Distance doesn’t have to be hard’. The name of the company gives a substantial feeling due to the use of bold, blocky, entirely upper case letters. Again we see a serious black and white color scheme, but this time accentuated by a calming splash of royal blue.

3. Ping Logo Design

Ping Logo Design
This well recognized golf logo design chooses to use no image, instead letting the text do the talking. The letters are large and thick but softened by subtle rounding. The font is decidedly modern. The tagline below communicates important information about brand values, but the difference in the font is notable. The use of an italicized font softens an otherwise bold image and gives a very subtle feeling of movement without taking over the logo design itself.

4. Nike Golf Logo Design

Nike Golf Logo Design
Nike Golf’s logo design is successful in that it both differentiates this line from the overall brand while tying into the parent company as well. A shield shape communicates tradition, which is more important in golf than in most other sports. The Nike Swoosh is shown prominently within this shape, along with two crossed golf clubs and a small ball. The brand font is used, with thin, modern lettering that makes the image appear a little more approachable. This logo design is undeniably related to the Nike corporation, but also relevant to the tradition-loving sport of golf.

5. Foot-Joy Logo Design

Foot-Joy Logo Design
Again we see all upper case letters to add a feeling of substance that is well received in the game of golf. This logo design is interesting because it combines the brand’s initials into the shape of a rounded square. Not only does this tie into the name, it also lends the traditional edge of a square with the non-threatening feeling of rounded edges. The message is that this brand is a standard that even beginners can use, a message that has attracted golf enthusiasts in droves.

6. Honma Golf Brand Logo Design

Honma Logo Design
While many golf companies use a thick, imposing font, Honma distinguishes their company from the competition by using thin, modern writing. The ‘O’ of the logo design is a rounded, inclusive circle with a small mole peeking out (Update: Thanks to Mark Stewart for pointing it out that it looked like a mole rather than a seal). It creates a recognizable image that is different from any other in the field of golf. Instead of boring black and white, an attention-getting red color ensures that this unassuming logo design attracts attention. The Honma golf logo design is a good example of breaking the rules with great success.

7. Maxfli Golf Brand Logo Design

Maxfli Logo Design
This company name suggests speed and strength, an impression that is further communicated by the logo design. The sole image is of a red circle outlines so that it resembles a bullseye at its margins. Not only does this friendly shape resemble a ball, relevant to the game, it also suggests a bulls-eye and greater aim in a very subtle, subconscious way. The writing is modern, with a golf ball-like dot as the crossbar in the ‘A’. Angular writing with ample hard edges gives an edgy feeling of strength and superiority that balances the inclusiveness of the round image.

8. Callaway Golf Brand Logo Design

Callaway Golf Logo Design
This logo is plain, which seems to be a common theme in golf logo design, but nonetheless expressive. Old English writing reinforces the image that this is a traditional and upscale choice in golf equipment. However, the gentle curving of the lettering is significant because it balances this formidable image a touch of friendliness and approachability. The word ‘golf’ is written in block letters that are plain and unimposing, communicating what sport the brand specializes in without detracting from the rest of the image.

9. Titleist Golf Brand Logo Design

Titleist Logo Design
This logo design is one of the plainest in golf and represents one of the best-known brands as well. It is a good example of a simple yet iconic logo. The writing is rounded for friendliness and slightly slanted to give a feeling of movement. However, it is a very traditional font, relating to the air of tradition that infuses this sport, and thick enough to be noticeable. While there is no image, in this case, none is needed. Sporting enthusiasts all over the world associate this golf logo design with the brand it represents.

10. Mizuno Golf Brand Logo Design

Mizuno Logo Design
This brand is one of the strongest Japanese golf companies, with a logo design that has been displayed by big names in the sport such as Tiger Woods. Although the image is that of a ‘run-bird’, the name of one of the company’s most popular models of athletic shoe, the image of speed and grace is relevant to people in the sport of golf. The writing is thick and bold but subtly rounded to avoid being overly harsh. The ‘M’ is drawn to resemble waves, which are another common symbol of speed and movement in a positive direction. The overall impression is that this brand is all about speed and change, which is a positive one indeed.

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This is custom headTop 10 Golf Course Logosing element

Golf is a huge international sport, with people from all over the world planning vacations and fun weekends spent on the green. This makes golf brand logo designs very important because they must be compelling enough to invite people to choose them over hundreds of equally well-branded options. These ten golf course logos represent a variety of golf courses from all over the United States. If you are a golf enthusiast, most of these logo designs will look familiar as they are home to some of the world’s most famous golf tournaments.

1. Whistling Straits Logo Design

Whistling Straits Logo Design
This lakeside Wisconsin golf course is known for both its imposing level of skill and it’s serene waterside location. This makes a classical image of the nautical god Poseidon very relevant, and it certainly helps to build the overall brand as well. The upper case writing is very thin, walking a fine line between being overly strong and too weak. The black and white color scheme is simple and sophisticated, giving an upscale feeling.

2. Kapalua Golf Course Logo Design

Kapalua Golf Course Logo Design
This Maui golf course’s logo design has little to do with golf, but still offers an inviting image. A butterfly is a central image, creating a feeling of freedom and beauty that is attractive to golf lovers. In the center of the butterfly is a pineapple, which is a Hawaiian symbol of welcome. The golf logo design is versatile enough to be used in different colors for the course, the attached resort, and events at the establishment, which helps build the overall brand. The italicized writing helps add a feeling of movement that is definitely relevant to the sport.

3. Sand Hills Golf Resort Logo Design

Sand Hills Golf Resort Logo Design
Sometimes using obvious images is too generic for successful branding, but in this case, it works beautifully. A man in the midst of a golf swing is the central image. Blades of grass around him suggest that he is playing on a prairie, which is relevant as this golf resort is located in Nebraska. The sandy tan that is the sole color of this golf logo design relates to the name. The cursive font is a traditional touch, but it is slightly modern. The blend of traditional golf images and place-specific themes, along with traditional yet modern writing, creates a feeling of balance that will be attractive to golf enthusiasts.

4. Merion Golf Club Logo Design

Merion Golf Club Logo Design
This logo design may be a little confusing to those not familiar with the club, but golf enthusiasts will understand it completely. The eastern course of this golf club uses poles topped with baskets instead of flags to mark holes. Not only does this make them more visible, it prevents golfers from gauging the wind by examining the movement of flags. These baskets have become a large part of the brand and thus are a wise inclusion in the logo design. The tuft of wild grass is relevant to a sport played on a green, while the year of establishment is somewhat of a standard in this field of logo design.

5. Winged Foot Logo Design

Winged Foot Logo Design
This golf logo design uses symbols relating to the game of golf as well as ones tie directly into the company name. A winged foot, a mythical symbol of speed related to the god Mercury, is the central image as well as the name of the course. A golf ball in the background offers a feeling of friendliness as well as also tying into the sport. Crossed golf clubs add a little interest to the image and communicate undeniably what sport is happening here. The blue colors are calming, which is what the sport is supposed to be about after all.

6. Pasatiempo Golf Club Logo Design

Pasatiempo Golf Club Logo Design
This California golf course has a logo design suggesting that the game here is fun and relaxing. The name is Spanish for ‘pastime’, and the image is of a man having a siesta under a palm tree. An inclusive circle is used as the primary shape. However, the fun and restful image are balanced by very substantial upper case letters with traditional serifs, which gives a feeling of seriousness to an otherwise light-hearted logo design.

7. Arcadia Bluffs Logo Design

Arcadia Bluffs Logo Design
This logo design perfectly sums up the terrain of this well known Michigan golf course: rolling hills and a serene lake with birds soaring in the air. This creates an inviting image for people looking to enjoy their golf game in an area of immense natural beauty. The upper case letters are not a bit imposing, in a thin, modern font. The black and white color scheme is as simple and sophisticated as it can be, creating a distinct yet appealing overall image for the golf course.

8. Pine Valley Logo Design

Pine Valley Logo Design
This New Jersey golf course ties its logo design into its name with a lone pine in the center and a rustic, earthy color scheme that suggests nature. The crest shape creates a feeling of tradition that is certainly appreciated in golf logo design. The writing is simple and helps to create a somewhat minimalist, unadorned feeling that is will appeal to people looking for a game of golf without all the frills and distractions. It certainly will be an inviting image for outdoors enthusiasts and traditionalists alike.

9. TPC Sawgrass Logo Design

TPC Sawgrass Logo Design
This logo design is ultra-traditional, but still appealing to its market. The red, white, and blue color scheme give a feeling of patriotism and tradition. Bold, capital writing is used for part of the establishment name, while a cursive font is used for the other word. This creates a balance. The image of a man in mid-swing is certainly relevant to the sport, while the ‘S’ in Sawgrass is formed into a wavelike shape that implies movement, another key value of this sport.

10. The Kittansett Club Logo Design

The Kittansett Club Logo Design
This golf course is best known for its Massachusetts seaside location, which makes a simple shell an appropriate and relevant central image for the logo design. The circle is inviting and inclusive, while the bold, all capital writing and the year of establishment both give the impression that it is a classic, well-established place to hone your golf game. Not only is a circle a friendly shape, it is also the shape of a golf ball and thus very commonly used in the field of golf logo design. The black and white color scheme is simple and basic to appeal to New England sensibilities.
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