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Racing is a logo oriented industry. There is a huge potential for publicity if a sponsored racer wins or otherwise receives media attention. On the other hand, it can be a real challenge to make your company’s logo designs stand out in the limited space and clutter of a helmet or bike. This gives the designers of dirt bike company logo designs a very specific laundry list, including high recognition and the ability to look good at any size. These ten sports logos grab the attention of viewers, communicate a racing-friendly brand, and are easy to recognize at any size, which is probably why these are also among the most popular brands in the world of dirt bike racing.

1. Fox Dirt Bike Racing Logo Design

Fox Logo Design
What could be more relevant to a company with this name than a logo design featuring the picture of a fox? Because foxes are also fast and sneaky, they are appropriate both for the name and the image. The fox in question is stylized to appear ultra-modern and sleek, making for a highly recognizable image that is recognizable in any color scheme and at any size.

2. Thor Logo Design

Thor Logo Design
This logo design features the company name written in rounded lower case letters that are decidedly informal as well as slightly italicized to give a feeling of movement and speed. Because these are core values for this genre, the effect is overwhelmingly positive. The image of the logo design ties into the name, with half of a Viking mask to represent the god Thor. Using half of a mask instead of a whole one creates additional visual interest and adds to the recognition factor of the logo.

3. Scott Dirt Bike Racing Logo Design

Scott Logo Design
Again we see italicized letters connote speed, this time in all capitals for a stronger impression. The image is in the shape of a rounded square, communicating tradition, but this shape contains waves, which add to the feeling of speed and movement. The logo wording is filled with white to increase readability, which is important in a sport where the sponsored rider is moving at high speeds most of the time.

4. JT Racing USA Logo Design

JT Racing USA Logo Design
This logo design features the company name, with the two initials in large, blocky letters. However, they are highly recognizable due to the fact that one is the lower case while the other is a capital. The words ‘Racing USA’ are nestled in the shadow of the ‘T’ and written in a much friendlier rounded cursive font. The way the letters are shaded makes the logo appear to be coming out at the viewer, which adds visibility while creating a more attractive overall picture.

5. Bell Helmets Logo Design

Bell Helmets Logo Design
While other brands seem to be aiming for the strongest possible image, Bell is a little more subtle. Although red letters in thick, capital letters certainly pull in the eye, they are enclosed in a thin oval that is friendly and inclusive. The effect is very well balanced and different from most of the logos in the field.

6. Fly Racing Logo Design

Fly Racing Logo Design
In this case, the logo design is configured to resemble an inverted triangle, adding a feeling of strength to the logo that is mirrored by the shape of the letter F. The way this F is drawn so it appears to have speed lines coming off its left side gives a feeling of strength that is reinforced by slightly angled writing. Black with a splash of red seems to be a common color choice in the dirt bike racing industry, at least partly due to its aggressive feeling and highly visible nature.

7. Pro Circuit Logo Design

Pro Circuit Logo Design
This logo design also uses angled writing for a feeling of movement and speed, but their image is very different. The circle in question is dissected by longitude and latitude lines, clearly referencing a globe. While the circular shape gives a feeling of friendliness, the reference to our planet suggests that this brand is a global leader in its field. The letters are drawn in an ultra-modern font with minimal shading to help them stand out amongst the others.

8. Rekluse Dirt Bike Racing Logo Design

Rekluse Logo Design
This logo design is different from all of those we have looked at so far. Instead of bold letters, thin, edgy ones are used. A shape of a spider hangs down from the company name, tying into the deadly brown recluse spider for which the company was named. This image also is thin and angular, with warm orange and yellow accents. A tagline written between brackets in friendly lower case letters, warning potential customers that not buying this brand will put them at risk to be left behind. This logo design certainly stands out in its field simply because it seems to be very different from the pack.

9. One Industries Logo Design

One Industries Logo Design
This logo design achieves balance by using elements that communicate opposite messages. The letter O is formed into a square shape that contains a stylized number one. The hard edges of the image are balanced by the company name below written in rounded, lower case writing. The only color in the logo is the word industries written in a sunny yellow, adding a spark of brightness. As with many other racing logos, the image and wording are both angled to give that all important feeling of movement.

10. Smith Dirt Bike Racing Logo Design

Smith Logo Design
Because this company specializes in optical gear and eye protection, the use of the shape of an eye for its main image is highly appropriate. Instead of an iris and pupil, however, this ‘eye’ has two wavelike shapes that communicate movement while forming a stylized version of the letter S. The lettering is thin and rounded to avoid detracting from the memorable image but slightly slanted to give a feeling of speed and movement. This logo design is powerful enough to carry the company through a variety of sports, which is exactly what it needs.
As you can see, many dirt bike racing logos have several common aspects, such as references to speed and movement. However, each is unique in its own way and brings something new to a rather formulaic industry.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.