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Top Ten School Logo Designs: We have talked on this blog about high school logos before, but these almost always mean large public university logos. However, schools from elementary to trade schools also most put a greater focus on marketing and branding to remain solvent in an era when the brand is everything. You can see the huge collection of school logos we created for various schools from around the country. The following schools have academic logo designs that are attractive, unique, and appropriate, giving them an edge in a competitive field.

Please note: the lack of neighborhood public schools on our list is not because we have something against them, but simply because their more expensive competition tends to put much more effort into marketing and logo design.

1. Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools Logo Design

Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools Logo Design
This school logo, which is a conglomeration of several schools, offers common symbols of excellence while implying that they are made up of a diverse number of peoples, cultures, and educational types. The traditional font in metallic gold is a substantial choice that hints at luxury, but the circle hints at inclusiveness. The mosaic pattern is at first glance reminiscent of a stained glass window but also indicates several different pieces making a beautiful whole. The way the crossbar of the cross is in a wavy line gives the feeling of a path, which is very appropriate for an educational organization or even church logo design.

2. Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Logo Design

Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Logo Design
This Sunday school program logo is used by churches all over the nation. Several stylized people with arms entwined circle a light. The light, in this case, represents knowledge and faith. The modern image is balanced by a more straightforward font below. The elementary colors are eye-catching and generally used to represent children, which in this case is relevant.

3. Hebrew Academy of Morris County

Hebrew Academy of Morris County Logo Design
As in our first example, this school logo design showcases a mixture of new and old. The well known Star of David and the particular hue of blue are generally associated with Judaism, making them appropriate here. The image of several stylized children reaching for the star is certainly a popular one, and the shooting star has a wavy shape that usually connotes change. However, a more serious font below adds gravity to the image and makes sure viewers know that this school is all business.

4. Westmount Charter School Logo

Westmount Charter School Logo Design
This school for gifted children logo subtly shows this purpose. Several children are cleverly constructed of W’s, referring to the name. However, one is in a deep purple-blue—representing that gifted child who has just a little more. These images are given weight by placing them in a rectangular bar that is filled with a dark orange color that helps the others pop. The name below uses a serious font as well as well-placed lines to help it have the seriousness that befits a school.

5. Martin School Logo Design

Martin School Logo Design
Don’t you want to send your children to a school that is a beacon of knowledge shining over the globe? That is exactly the image used here. A tall building is seen perched on a globe, representing this beacon. The globe is representing by a wavelike shape, that implies movement in a forward direction. However, the serious, deep blue color combined with substantial capital writing make sure parents know that Martin School is all business.

6. Atonement Lutheran School Logo

Atonement Lutheran School Logo Design
This school has a name that may be intimidating to many parents, so it needs a good school logo design more than most. Two common religious logo symbols of Christianity are used: a cross and an open Bible. Three colored figures are seen holding hands, which balances the most traditional images with symbols of friendship and inclusion. This logo design may balance the name, but it does not apologize for it; ‘Atonement’ is placed in large, solid letters with traditional serifs and supported by underlining.

7. Paulo Freire Freedom School Logo Design

Paulo Freire Freedom School Logo Design
A nontraditional school needs a nontraditional logo design, and this one certainly fits the bill. The image, in warm sunny colors, is reminiscent of the Southwestern area in which this school is located. The abstract logo, Picasso-esque shapes are abstract and certainly showcase an ability to think outside the box. However, serious black writing suggests that a serious education can be found at this unconventional school. This image is interesting enough to intrigue parents into doing a little more research on this educational option.

8. Cristo Rey High School

Cristo Rey High School Logo Design
This is not your average Catholic school; it is run by nuns for low-income students and offers a college prep curriculum combined with unique opportunities for a work-study arrangement. This has shown to be very successful; hence the tagline, ‘the school that works’. Trustworthy blue and green are brightened by yellow stars, signs of excellence and fulfilling one’s dreams. The lower case writing of the name and tagline is informal, but combined with upper case writing gives a balanced and serious image. This is your average Catholic school, which is why this is not your average Catholic school logo design.

9. Chabad Hebrew School Logo Design

Chabad Hebrew School Logo Design
Hebrew school is not usually fun, but this school wants to show how it is different from the rest. The initials of the school are written in a fun, primary colored writing in a variety of fonts, with a Hebrew character at the bottom of the exclamation point. The name of the school is written below in all lower case letters, further pushing the fun, hip image. In fact, there is not one serious, adult element to this fun loving logo design. It is easy to imagine youngsters looking forward to attending such a fun, bright place.

10. Proton Business School Logo Design

Proton Business School Logo Design
A trade school in the middle of all of these elementary schools? Just a look at the logo design will confirm that Proton Business School has a place on this list. Because the proton is the positively charged part of an atom, the use of an atomic image is very appropriate. Purple suggests royalty and thus a high quality. The name of the school is bold and modern in plain, tall black writing. A tagline below lets potential students know what to expect here.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.