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Symbolism on Wheels: The Top Ten Biker Logos

Motorcycle riders tend to be very brand loyal when it comes to their bikes. Many enthusiasts have a favorite brand and simply will not deviate from it. While some of this loyalty is due to the quality of the various brands and the type of ride that is offered, the effect of branding on a motorcycle manufacturer’s success cannot be overestimated. The following motorcycle car logos portray an image that draws people in and convinces them not just to be a customer, but to become lifelong customers.

1. Harley Davidson Biker Logo Design

Harley Davidson Biker Logo Design
This is the brand that many people think of when they think of a motorcycle. The Harley is not just a bike, but a brand, with a sizeable percentage of annual profits coming from licensed products such as clothing and toys. A shield shape implies history and tradition, while the rectangular shape in the middle adds a solid, dependable image. The lettering is solid and thick, without serifs or details. The recognizable orange and black color palette makes it easy to identify licensed items at a distance.

2. Orange County Choppers Biker Logo Design

Orange County Choppers Biker Logo Design
This auto logo is nothing short of ingenious, an example both of what a professional graphic designer can do and how good branding can elevate a company to national fame. The initials of the company, ‘OCC’, are transformed into a large motorcycle. The writing is ornate and very similar to that used in a tattoo. The outlaw biker image that this company is trying to project cannot be mistaken. The branding of this company as well as its placement in a popular national television show are a key part of its success.

3. Bombardier Biker Logo Design

Bombardier Biker Logo Design
This Canadian motorcycle company rejects the tough guy image used by many other motorcycle companies and instead sends a message about the products themselves. The circular shape of the logo gives a more customer-friendly image, while the cog-like graphic speaks to the mechanical quality of the bikes. This logo is a winner because it expresses that this company is different from the others.

4. Yamaha Biker Logo Design

Yamaha Biker Logo Design
This motorcycle company is known not so much for their tough street machines, but for their racing bikes. It’s only appropriate that their logo express this difference from other large motorcycle companies. It includes an inclusive circle, like Bombardier, but the pattern inside the circle uses overlapped tuning forks. The message is that Yamaha motorcycles are well tuned machines that just about anyone can use to explore the sport of motorcycle racing.

5. Zanella Biker Logo Design

Zanella Biker Logo Design
This motorcycle brand has reached enormous acclaim in its home country of Argentina, and the logo may be part of that success. The logo is in a circular shape with a stylized ‘Z’ in the center. The letter is stylized to resemble a lightning bolt, the symbol of rapid movement and electricity. This logo not only ties into the maker’s name, it also ties into its history; the background of the logo is in the same red used in the logo of its parent company, Italian motorcycle maker Ceccato.

6. Falcon Biker Logo Design

Falcon Biker Logo Design
This motorcycle company uses its namesake, the fast and agile falcon, as the central image of its logo. However, it also ties in other elements. The bird’s chest is a shield, with an ‘f’ for its name on one side and the British flag on the other half. The shield is a common symbol connoting tradition, while the owner’s girlfriend and co-owner are British, making these appropriate shapes for this logo. The bird’s outstretched wings give it a roughly triangular shape, one associated with strength.

7. Fisher Biker Logo Design

Fisher Biker Logo Design
Fischer is another manufacturer of primarily sports motorcycles. The company logo features the company’s sole initial in both forward and backward orientations to create a triangular shape to show the strength of the corporation and its products. Red and blue are used to show that this is an American brand. The company’s name is under the triangle in a slanted font that implies movement and speed.

8. Victory Biker Logo Design

Victory Biker Logo Design
This motorcycle company aims to compete with Harley Davidson and the ‘big boys’ of the American biker movement, and their logo shows it. The ‘V’ for Victory prominently displayed in the logo in a familiar triangular shape. The letter is surrounded by wings, which usually symbolize freedom and speed. A globe in the background both ties into the semicircular shape of the logo and shows the global branding aspirations of the company. The message is that this tough bike is strong, fast, and poised to take over the world motorcycle industry, which is exactly what Victory is trying to say.

9. Ducati Biker Logo Design

Ducati Biker Logo Design
Ducati is perhaps the most recognized European motorcycle on the planet, and its easy to see why with this distinctive logo. The red is an attention-getting color, while the triangular shape inspires thoughts of strength. The swoosh through the middle is not just a familiar symbol of movement, but also resembles a curving road. The company name is central to the logo, in bold thick letters without serifs or details. This gives the impression of solidity and strength. The silver color of the accents is reminiscent of metal and an appropriate secondary color for this logo.

10. West Coast Choppers Biker Logo Design

West Coast Choppers Biker Logo Design
As with Orange County Choppers, the word ‘Choppers’ invokes an outlaw image with the use of a gothic, tattoo-like font. The shape is recognizable and symmetrical, in a rough approximation of a business-like square. This logo is controversial and has even been banned in some schools due to its use of an iron cross, but this too was chosen because of its use in tattoos. In all, this logo portrays a tough guy machine with solid, dependable power.

As you can see, these motorcycle companies use common logo symbols and shapes to express information about their product and brand to enthusiasts and prospective customers. These logos are all winners because they portray exactly what the company has to offer. The motorcycle industry is truly a branding success story, with brand-loyal riders and company reputations that are recognized even by non-riders.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.