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Alcohol beverages are popular throughout most of the world, making this a huge global industry. However, this is an image-conscious industry where a drink must have not only a certain taste but a certain image as well. Some of these logos are more than a century old, while others are relatively new, but one thing they all have in common is good food and drink logo design.

1. Bacardi Logo Design

Bacardi Logo Design
There is more to this well-recognized logo design than most people realize and should have been featured in our Top 10 Beverage Logos. First, the bat that is the central image is indeed a significant part of the company’s history. When the founder of Bacardi acquired the distillery in 1862, there were many bats living inside the buildings. Because bats are a symbol of good luck in Cuba, where the company originated, this figure seemed like an auspicious choice. The circular shape is also important, because it creates a friendlier feeling to the logo. The red is eye-catching and bold, while the gold communicates quality. The company name is written in a serious, straightforward font that gives the image a little more weight.

2. Hpnotiq Logo Design

Hpnotiq Logo Design
This logo design ties directly into the company name with a whirlpool-like figure that is indeed hypnotic. The colors here are significant; not only is blue a calming color (read more about color theory), but one that implies that the product is clear and clean as pure water. Again we see the combination of a friendly circle along with straightforward writing, but in this case the writing is underlined for maximum effect.

3. Jagermeister Logo Design

Jagermeister Logo Design
This logo design is successful because it is so different from most alcohol logos. However, the unusual images maintain heavy significance in the company lore. It is based on a local legend of a man named Hubertus, who hunted in forbidden woods and came upon a deer, who had a cross between his antlers. Luckily, the animal forgave the hunter, but the story retained enough meaning throughout the years that it was given center position in this popular drink’s logo design. The heavy Gothic writing is reminiscent of the German name and adds to the traditional image.

4. Dos Lunas Logo Design

Dos Lunas Logo Design
This tequila has a logo design that relates directly to its name, with ‘Dos Lunas’ meaning ‘two moons’ in Spanish. The ‘O’ in the first word is clearly and cleverly formed of two quarter moons, while the rest of the writing is plain and unobtrusive. The blue is graded so that it is lighter at the bottom, implying a night sky with the two moons rising.

5. Johnny Walker Logo Design

Johnny Walker Logo Design
Again, this logo design refers to the company’s history, which can be important in the alcohol product industry where tradition is a powerful selling point. The man walking in the image is the company founder, Johnny Walker. The writing is arranged to look like a signature, relating back to the founder. The black that is the main color is sophisticated and velvety, while the gold refers to wealth and quality in a way that is likely to appeal to the consumer.

6. Crown Royal Logo Design

Crown Royal Logo Design
It’s hard to think of a more crown royal image than the one in this logo design. The crown in this image is situated on a gold edged pillow, which clearly refers to the name. The royal blue and gold both are parts of the same theme. The scrolling font adds to the traditional image, while the wavy accents give a feeling of movement. The touches of red draw viewers’ attention to the image.

7. Smirnoff Logo Design

Smirnoff Logo Design
This logo is far more modern than most alcoholic beverage logos, which shows that this company is trying to present itself as a choice more friendly to the modern consumer. The silver and red is ultra modern while also attracting attention to the bottle. The bird images imply movement, while the crown above implies quality worthy of a royal. The name is printed in a banner, another implication of quality. The hard edges of the image add to this image, while hard edges imply strength while adding to the modern feeling of this logo design.

8. Le Tourment Vert Logo Design

Le Tourment Vert Logo Design
Absinthe is gaining popularity as an alcoholic beverage in the United States, with this French brand leading the pack. The logo design has a bright green color that is reminiscent of this famously green beverage, while the image of a bottle and ornate glass relates directly to the product. The writing is traditional and bold, like the drink, while the wave-like accents give a feeling of movement. This implies that absinthe is not just a drink of the past, but of the future as well.

9. Explorer Vodka Logo Design

Explorer Vodka Logo Design
This vodka logo design uses a blue color that is clean and reminiscent of the water, which is common in this industry due to a general preference for clean-tasting vodka. The red is bright and contrasts well against the blue. The image of sails clearly ties into the name of the beverage, but also into the sense of movement that the name implies. The simple, square writing is more modern than most of the company’s competitors, which gives a modern, straightforward feeling to the logo.

10. Seagram’s Seven Logo Design

Seagram’s Seven Logo Design
This alcohol logo design features the company name with just a few accents. First, a crown sits on top of the number seven, which gives a royal image to the liquor. The ultra-traditional writing with sharp serifs adds to the image. The silver color scheme is plain, but implies wealth and riches like the metal it is named after.
As you can see, there are many different ways to create a successful logo design for an alcoholic beverage. Some companies try to portray a classic and traditional image that expresses the company’s past, while others aim for a more modern image. A variety of color schemes and fonts are used, but all with good effect. The important thing about a logo design of any kind is that it expresses important and unique information about the company that it represents.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.