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Top 10 Similar Logos: Having a logo that is similar bordering on identical to another can be a branding nightmare. Because the entire point of a logo design is to set your company apart from the rest, it is highly important that they be entirely unique and completely representative of your company. The following five sets of logo twins are so similar it is impossible to miss. Are these plagiarisms or evidence that great minds think alike? You decide!

1. SMC Smart and Philippe Starck

SMC Smart and Philippe Starck Logo Before and After

These two logos may be for two very different types of business, but they are strikingly similar both feature simple lettering a cool, minimalist gray, emphasized by a golden yellow shape. While there are certainly differences, even these are selected to give the same effect. In one, we see thick lettering for a powerful feeling, balanced by rounded lower case lettering. On the other, upper case lettering gives the feeling of power while the thinness of the letters adds a counterbalance.

Are these logos too close for comfort? They are at least dangerously close. The only difference is in the emphasized shape. One has a triangle, a sign of strength and modernity, while the other offers a plus sign that is indicative of getting a little something more than other companies offer. These two logo designs have never ‘butted heads’ because they are for companies in very different industries. However, you shouldn’t try this at home!

2. Mini and Bentley

Mini and Bentley Logo Before and After

Like the previous two examples, these logos are extremely similar. Unlike the first two, these are for companies in the same auto industry. The Mini logo features the company name enclosed in a friendly, inclusive circle with wings to connote movement and speed. A silver and black color palette aptly represent the automobile industry. On the other hand, we have the Bentley logo. The same circle surrounds a single initial, also with wings for the same speedy message. An identical color scheme makes this logo design almost identical to its ‘twin’.

There are a few key differences worth noting. The Mini logo is ultra-modern and sleek, with simple lettering and rounded edges. The feeling is modern but lovable, which is uniquely representative of this brand. The Bentley logo is much more detailed and ornate, with just an initial to represent this iconic brand. Is this enough of a difference for cars in the same industry? Because these brands appeal to very different customers, they just might be able to get away with it.

3. Diesel and Velux

Diesel and Velux Logo Before and After

Can it get more simple than these logos? I think not. In both cases, a red rectangle gives a feeling of straightforwardness combined with the aggressiveness of bright, primary red. Upper case white letters add a feeling of modernity and draw in the eye without any of the seriousness of black. These two logos are certainly very similar, but they are just as dissimilar.

Diesel, a jeans and sportswear brand, uses ultra-plain letters for a contemporary feeling, with a tagline below hinting that successful living can be had by using this brand. Velux, a window covering the company, uses a heavily serifed font that suggests leadership roles in their industry and a strong sense of tradition. These logos are definitely similar, but the fact that they are similar and belong to companies in such disparate industries will keep them from feeling like copycats.

4. Sun Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear

Sun Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear Logo Before and After

A square on its side is made up of four interwoven parts: it sounds so simple and yet so unique that it is hard to imagine two different companies successfully using this element as a logo design and the cornerstone of their brand. However, there are a few differences. Sun Microsystems uses a business-like blue and waves the square out of their name. Columbia, on the other hand, has an earthy brown that is representative of their earthy brand and gives a more ‘basket-like’ feeling to their logo design. It should also be noted that the companies use very different fonts, which make it easy to tell them apart, and text in the logo that clearly denote their industry.

These logo designs can co-exist for several reasons. First, as with several of our previous examples, they are not in the same industry. In fact, it is unlikely that two brands as disparate as this will ever be in the same store or even on the same city block. Second, there are several key differences that make up for any similarities. These include differences in color, differences in the makeup of the logo design, and differences in the fonts chosen for the logos. Sometimes a similar logo design can be pulled off with finesse, but the situation has to be handled with care.

5. Obama ‘08 and Pepsi

Obama ‘08 and Pepsi Logo Before and After

Is Obama ‘the real thing’? Does Pepsi offer ‘change you can believe in’? The similarities between these two logos are almost comical. First, we see the use of a patriotic color scheme, which is certainly as appropriate for a presidential candidate as for an all-American soft drink. Both use a circular shape for a sense of friendliness and inclusiveness. Last, both bisect their circles with a wavy line, which is symbolic of change and forward movement.

There are important differences between these logo designs as well. Obama’s font is traditional and, well, presidential. Pepsi uses a thick, all-capitals font that befits an industry leader and would be overkill for a politician. Obama’s wave is more clearly a road, one lined with the stripes of the American flag. While the differences are significant, the similarities are enough to be comical considering the wide disparity between the two very different brands.

As you can see, similar logos are definitely out there, and often comical in the companies that they bring together. To prevent confusion, you should consult a logo designer today to get the original, uniquely representative logo design that your company needs to find success in a competitive business climate.

* Unless otherwise stated all copyrights to the top 10 logos shown above belong to their respective owners. SpellBrand has not designed any of these designs unless explicitly mentioned in the review itself.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.