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Top 10 Art Supply Logos: Children around the country are well entrenched in summer, but many parents are already dreaming of sending their little ones of for the day once again. The following ten logos are among the best recognized in the business. There will surely be at least one of these well-known images in every backpack this fall.

1. Crayola Art Supply Logo Design

Crayola Logo Design
This brand is truly the golden standard of school and art supplies, so gold is an appropriate color. The writing is rounded to give a child-friendly feeling, while the smile below it is cheery. Everyone knows Crayola for its jumbo boxes of multi-colored crayons, so the rainbow of colors is both relevant and eye-catching.

2. RoseArt Logo Design

RoseArt Logo Design
If Crayola is the king of crayons and children’s art, then RoseArt is certainly the crown prince. The same oval shape is used here, but black fill gives it a more serious feeling and implies that these are products more aimed at artists than children. Again we see rounded letters, although these have a few adult hard edges. A rainbow of colors ties into the art products that RoseArt is known for.

3. Elmer’s Art Supply Logos

Elmer’s Logo Design
When you reach for glue, you probably reach for Elmer’s, but can you explain why? Few logo designers can put their finger on why this logo design works so well, but there is no denying that it does. Blue and orange are an eye-catching combination, with colors from opposite ends of the color wheel creating a bright and cheery effect. The lettering is rounded and yet substantial, maintaining a friendly feeling while maintaining a substantial feeling. A triangle above the lettering incorporates Nature’s strongest shape to add to this strong impression. However, the logo design has one fatal flaw: the cow that makes up the only image. This animal refers to the use of cow bones and hooves to make glue, a practice that most modern people would find unappealing. For some reason, we all overlook this unpleasant reference when reaching for a bottle of glue, and it’s a good thing for Elmer’s that we do!

4. ThinkEco Art Supplies Logos

ThinkEco Art Supplies Logo Design
This school and art supply company obviously have a very different marketing angle than Crayola or RoseArt, and the school logo design shows it. Instead of multiple colors to emphasize the artistry of the product, there is a single brown and green tree with the end sharpened to look like a pencil. The references to both nature and the products are obvious. Rounded lower case letters are friendly, but balanced by upper case lettering below.

5. Prismacolor Art Supply Logos

Prismacolor Logo Design
This art and school supply brand offer higher quality products for the most serious student or artist. As such, the logo design is a little more serious than those we have looked at so far. The business name of the company is written in upper case letters for a serious feeling, with solid black and white colors giving a sober edge. However, there is a small line in rainbow colors below to hint at the purpose of the company. This well-balanced logo design studio appeals to a wide audience, as evidenced by their product’s use in both elementary school and art studios.

6. Texas Instruments Logo Design

Texas Instruments Logo Design
Think this logo is plain? It may be simple, but it does a great job of communicating important information about the company. The image includes the state of Texas enclosing the company’s initials. The lettering is black, angular, and even severe, which hints at the serious nature of the calculators that Texas Instruments is known for. The black, white, and red color scheme is all business, setting this logo design apart from the most frivolous ones seen at every school.

7. Ideal School Supply Logo Design

Ideal School Supply Logo Design
This is not an art supply maker, but a retailer instead. The logo design thus must be more well rounded and hint more at the general field than any one product. This logo uses a royal purple to imply that they are the top of their field, combined with elementary hues that tie into their main customers. The small gold person is rounded and friendly while also being composed of basic shapes, which matches the shapes above him or her well. The combination of a square with circles gives a sense of balance between seriousness and levity.

8. Alex Art Supply Logo Design

Alex Art Supply Logo Design
This well-known company creates school and art supplies for smaller children, from preschoolers through grammar school children. This intended audience is reflected well in this logo design. The red and yellow are eye catching and bold, made up of primary shapes that appear to have been hand painted. Angular letters are also made of shapes, creating a cohesive image. The black and primary colors in the lettering are excellent accents that give a professional image while relating to the target market of young children and the people who care for them.

9. Geddes Logo Design

Geddes Logo Design
We’ve all seen the folders and binders covered in baby animals and other images were chosen to win children’s hearts. However, few people realize that most of these are made by the same art supply company, Geddes. We think this brand is ready to go public and take credit for their contributions to backpacks everywhere. The image is a simple, hand-drawn lower case G enclosed in a serious rectangle. The bright colors of the image are modern and stylish, a break from the many primary colored logos we have seen. Block lettering makes the logo design feel substantial, but the letters are arranged in an informal, purposely haphazard fashion that keeps it friendly.

10. Operation Backpack Logo Design

Operation Backpack Logo Design
So far our logos have focused on art supplies, but there is no denying that many children cannot afford to run to their local store for a new backpack full of everything they need for art success. For these children, many communities have school supply drives to collect and distribute these items to needy families. This particular school supply drive is a cooperative venture between the Texas Rangers and local motorcycling or political organizations. As such, the logo features a biker wearing the Rangers logo with a backpack full of pencils. This logo design wins for being humorous and eye-catching while obviously uniquely relevant. This summer, keep your eyes open for these types of organizations in your own community so you too can help a needy child.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.