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Board games are one of the classic all-American pastimes, with a stack of them in just about every family’s closet. Although the game playing experience is certainly an important part of selecting which one to play, branding plays a major role in which games actually end up in the shopping cart. These board games represent not just some of the most entertaining games, but the ones with the best sports logo designs and the best brands as well, not unlike the top 10 gaming logos.

1. Monopoly Logo Design

Monopoly Board Game Logo Design
This game is a classic well known to game lovers all over the world, and part of this success is due to the highly recognizable logo. The red is bound to pull in the eye, while black and white provide high contrast. The rectangular shape combined with the pointiness of the lettering gives a solid, traditional image that is befitting to this classic board game.

2. Scrabble Logo Design

Scrabble Board Game Logo Design
There was a time when Scrabble was considered a boring game more suited for literary nerds and intellectuals, but rebranding and a fresh logo design have brought this game into the mainstream of the new millennium. Wavy lines are present throughout the logo to give a sense of movement, a theme that is echoed in the shape of the letters S and R. Despite the wavy movement throughout the logo design, the lettering is otherwise simple and plain, acknowledging the sensibility of the game.

3. Cranium Logo Design

Cranium Board Game Logo Design
The name of this game permeates the logo design, both in the image of a brain sitting squarely behind the writing and in the tagline directly below it. The bright color scheme shows that this is a game for all ages, an image that is bolstered by the elementary font. An orbital around the brain reflected by a halo above it add a humorous touch that hints at the humor in the game.

4. Samurai Logo Design

Samurai Board Game Logo Design
Natural materials and natural colours form the background for this logo design, a theme that compliments the Old World Asian name and theme of this game. The kanji character for samurai sits behind the same word written in English. The font is jagged and designed to be similar to the character behind, reinforcing the Asian theme of the game along with its name and brand. Every element of this logo design ties into the brand, making it a true success.

5. Risk Logo Design

Risk Board Game Logo Design
This strategy game is truly a classic, with several versions that are loved by people all over the world. The bright red writing draws in the eye, while the black, white, and gold provide contrast. The bold writing with serifs implies the seriousness of this complicated war game. The R is cleverly drawn so that the spaces form a soldier on horseback holding a flag, subtly implying the subject of the game. A tagline is written below for people who cannot figure out what the game is about from the numerous other clues.

6. Mall Madness Logo Design

Mall Madness Board Game Logo Design
This board game logo design was clearly designed to appeal to its genre of young girls and tweens. The hot pink and purple color scheme is one that this group loves, while a little orange serves as an accent that stands out even more against the blue background. The writing is bold and cartoonish, while the two S’s at the end of the word ‘madness’ are drawn as dollar signs, an image relevant both to the game and to shopping malls in general. The current edition is tied into another powerful tween brand: Hannah Montana. However, there have been several additions of this game as the market preferences change.

7. Candyland Logo Design

Candyland Board Game Logo Design
Again, we see a board game logo design that is specifically marketed to a niche audience, in this case very young children. A bubbly logo made of candy sticks is surrounded by colorful characters from the game, an image that is both relevant to the product at hand and enticing to the consumer base it is targeting. Colorful blocks refer to the colorful path that the characters follow as children are playing the game. The bright elementary colors both draw in the eye and reinforce the image that this is a game for very young children.

8. Dungeons and Dragons Logo Design

Dungeons and Dragons Board Game Logo Design
Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most enduringly popular games of our times, although this popularity is limited to a relatively small but strong fan base. The logo seems to be text only, but it has several details that refer to the game. The ampersand in the logo is actual a small and twisted gold dragon, while the letters have flame-like images licking at the red that makes up the primary color. A gothic font with hard edges and calligraphic accents completes the medieval image that the rest of the logo portrays.

9. Ubongo Logo Design

Ubongo Board Game Logo Design
This African themed game has a logo design that compliments the brand well. A natural background is surrounded with a bright, tropical border. The name of the game is written in a primitive font that hints at an older culture, while a smiling African mask below hints at the fun that the game holds. African animals such as an elephant complete the theme. The logo design is clearly relevant to the game and the brand, creating a product that is interesting to people looking for a little exotic entertainment.

10. Dominion Logo Design

Dominion Board Game Logo Design
This board game’s logo features the name written in a highly detailed, medieval font on a background that appears to be carved stone. This image is surrounded by soldiers with spears overlooking an idyllic village. The point of the game and the time period in which it is set are both crystal clear, letting game buyers know exactly what to expect.
What do board game logos have to do with business logos? Both types of logo design must communicate in a way that is understandable and agreeable to the market in question. Whether the game is about a fun trip to the local shopping mall or an epic battle of nations, people will be more likely to buy a game if they can tell at a glance what kind of experience they are purchasing. Customers will be more likely to do business with any company if there is a promise that they can believe in.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.