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Buying home and kitchen appliances is a confusing process for most people. There are so many options in the United States, each with its own set of special features. For many people, this ultra-practical purchase is made based on personal preference and impulse, rather than more concrete methods such as recommendation and consumer reports. This makes a home appliance logo one crucial way of communicating about the appliance in question.

However, as you will see in this post, home and kitchen logos vary widely. Some want to portray a technologically savvy image while others try to look traditional. Some of these logos are designed to grab attention and stand out in the row of appliances, while others choose a more conventional image. One thing they all have in common is using color, shape, and image to portray important facts about the company. Here are ten appliance logos that you likely have in your home right now, and the subtle messages that they are sending.

1. Whirlpool Appliance Logo Design

Whirlpool Appliance Logo Design
The Whirlpool corporation owns many appliance brands, but maintains its namesake appliances as the company’s flagship product. The logo is eye-catching and different from most other appliance logos. First, the signature whirlpool referring to the company name is featured above the name. Second, an yellow orbital is strategically placed around the name, which adds an inclusive circle to the design along with an attention getting splash of color. Only planets and other large objects have orbitals, so this implies that the company is large and substantial.

2. Maytag Appliance Logo Design

Maytag Appliance Logo Design
This appliance company chooses to soothe the consumer with a relaxing blue logo including a wavy shape reminiscent of water. If you look closely, the wave is shaped to also resemble the letter ‘M’, which is the brand’s initial. The wave shape implies forward movement and progressiveness, so customers can rest assured that their appliance will have all of the latest features. The overall square shape gives an honest, straightforward image, which is bolstered by the ultra-traditional font choice.

3. Black & Decker Appliance Logo Design

Black & Decker Appliance Logo Design
This brand may have a practical, unassuming name, but it has a logo that sells the goods without any further help. The color palette is black with an attention grabbing orange image. The shape is a hexagon, which is similar to a bolt head and thus conveys technology and usefulness. The lines through half of the hexagon soften this hard image and add interest, while also giving a feeling of movement. The letters are black and thick, which adds to the brand’s visibility.

4. KitchenAid Appliance Logo Design

KitchenAid Appliance Logo Design
Once known for their premium mixers, this company is being rebranded to accommodate a fuller range of products. They currently are using two logos, which suggests that they may soon split into two different brands. First, there is the traditional round logo that is used on KitchenAid mixers. This is a 3-D logo of a friendly, inclusive circle with a metal handle. The company name is written in a signature font across the handle bar. The second logo offers a street sign shape that gives a sense of direction, with the company name in the same signature font and an image of the brand’s iconic mixer above the name. A tagline is below: ‘For the way it’s made’. This refers to the fact that KitchenAid mixers are hand-assembled in the United States, which many people feel contribute to their quality.

5. Electrolux Appliance Logo Design

Electrolux Appliance Logo Design
This brand is considered an upscale choice in home appliances with many unique features. The logo image is very unique because it incorporates the three main shapes of logo design into one cohesive image. If you look closely, you can see a square enclosing a circle, which then encloses a stylized triangle. This gives the image that this brand offers tradition, friendliness, and strength in one package. The font used to write the name is newsy with serifs, but a little thicker for a more substantial touch.

6. Magic Chef Appliance Logo Design

Magic Chef Appliance Logo Design
This brand of stoves offers a logo that supports the product name. A small chef figure is prominently displayed with his hand raised as though he is about to wave a wand. The impression is that this magic chef will help your meals come out perfectly, which is a positive image for a stove. If you look closely at the writing, it is a little different from many of the competing brands in its roundness. This further gives the impression that this brand is a kinder, friendlier choice.

7. LG Appliance Logo Design

LG Appliance Logo Design
This South Korean company is gaining prominence in the home appliance market with a line of laundry machines and dryers that offer a deluxe line of options. The logo is in the general shape of a friendly circle with the company name inside. A dot is strategically placed so that the image looks like a human face, further conveying the friendly, personal image. The red and gray coloring is modern while attracting attention.

8. Estate Appliance Logo Design

Estate Appliance Logo Design
This brand is owned by Whirlpool and manages to tie into the parent brand while maintaining a unique identity. The ‘E’ of the brand name is wrapped into a wavy shape that connotes forward movement and innovation while also being similar to the whirlpool seen in the parent brand’s logo. The square shape is straightforward with hard edges. The name is written in a similarly square, hard-edged font that bolsters the honest, straightforward image. Beneath, wording communicates that this is a Whirlpool product for people who have loyalty to that brand.

9. Hotpoint Appliance Logo Design

Hotpoint Appliance Logo Design
This is a ‘value’ brand of home appliances owned by GE. The logo is red, an appropriate color for a company with ‘hot’ in its name. The central image is a square, which gives a dependable image that value customers are looking for. However, the edges are rounded for a friendlier image. The dot in the middle refers to the ‘point’ in the name. This logo ties into the name so well that customers cannot help but recognize it.

10. Kenmore Appliance Logo Design

Kenmore Appliance Logo Design
This company is owned by Sears and well-known for offering high quality products at a budget price. The logo offers a straightforward square that is often used in value products, with rounded edges once again. The wave above the name as well as the slightly slanted font implies forward movement. The words ‘home appliances’ below the image remind customers of the company’s main purpose.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.