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Every competent logo designer will tell you that the use of color is a very important part of your logo design and your brand. Colors invoke very powerful emotions and can have a greater effect on your customers than any other part of your brand. This leads us to start: what is communicated by a logo design that uses every color of the rainbow? In some cases, it can make the company in question feel more creative; in others, it speaks about diversity and variety. Examining some of the best examples of this logo design strategy can help you decide if this might be the right type of logo for your company. You can also read the 5 ways to incorporate color into your brand.

1. This Is Not My Destination Logo Design

This Is Not My Destination Logo Design
It’s easy to tell from the name that this company is a little different from the norm, but the logo design does a great job of expressing this as well. Here, multiple colors are used to show multiple different influences blending into one progressive wave, implying change and movement. The use of a very simple, well defined shape, as well as very simple writing, keeps this blend of colors from being overwhelming or overly busy.

2. Nosotros Multicolored Logo Design

Nosotros Logo Design
Because the word ‘nosotros’ is Spanish for ‘we’, the use of several multicolored triangles combined into a single hexagram is certainly an appropriate image. While triangles imply strength, hexagrams and more complicated geometrical shapes are often seen as representing technology and innovation. Combining the two in a single colorful image creates a visually pleasing image that perfectly represents the brand. Again, we see simple, bold writing that doesn’t compete for attention with the image.

3. Zone Trader Logo Design

Zone Trader Logo Design
As we have seen, one very successful way to handle a multi-colored logo is to place the colors within a simple, well-defined shape. The Zone Trader logo design takes this approach, using differently colored zones fit within a simple, inclusive circle. This obviously ties into the name, as does the use of uncolored space to create a Z and a T. The simply, the blocky wording is white to contrast well with the black background and to stand out even when combined with a very colorful and catchy image.

4. Vivid Ways Logo Design

Vivid Ways Logo Design
A rainbow-colored wave might sound familiar, but the Vivid Ways logo design is otherwise very different from that used by This Is Not My Destination. First, the colors move in a smooth progression rather than being mixed together throughout the wave. Second, the wave is actually a V and a W, tying into the company name. Another key difference is that the writing here is lower case to give a friendlier, more informal feeling. The use of a tagline is a good choice here because the logo design and the name give very few hints as to the nature of the business.

5. Grabup Multicolored Logo Design

Grabup Logo Design
The image of a piece of paper moving upward in a series of bubbles is appropriate for a company that specializes in helping users upload screenshots. In this case, the image is multicolored not because it ties into the company name or purpose, but because it creates a fun and memorable image that implies that the business is creative. The eggplant-colored background helps to create a recognizable visual identity because very few companies use this color. Another notable touch is the lack of a company name in the logo design, which implies that the company expects customers to identify the image with their name without any assistance. With such an original image, this just may be the case.

6. Logo Design Logo Design
In this case, the multiple colors represent the many different soccer teams that are reported on in this all-inclusive soccer website. The use of a circle relates both to this inclusiveness as well as to the round ball used in this globally loved sport. Unlike many of the multicolored logos that we have looked at, uses a handpainted look rather than having clearly defined boundaries for their shape. However, the simple circle combined with relatively few colors being used keeps this from looking cluttered or busy.

7. Australian Art Supplies Logo Design

Australian Art Supplies Logo Design
There is perhaps no company more suited to a multicolored logo than an art supply company. Australian Art Supplies has a logo design that uses a single, multicolored line to fill in a shape of the continent. The colors of the rainbow are arranged in order, while the name of the company is written in simple lower case letters to the side. The way the name is located off-center creates a well balanced and interesting image that is nonetheless artsy and inviting.

8. Cerebral Art Logo Design

Cerebral Art Logo Design
Again we see an art company using a multicolored logo, this time using a very different approach to the way this color is used in their logo design. Because of the use of the word ‘cerebral’ in the name, using a more structured approach than Australian Art Supplies was a must. In this case, the colors are neatly arranged into lines spelling the word ‘art’. The writing underscores this artistic image by using two different thicknesses. The use of black and white allows all of the attention to be focused on the simple yet powerful image.

9. Action Now! Logo Design

Action Now! Logo Design
In this case, multiple colors are used in a logo design to imply several different types of people coming together for a common cause. These multicolored arms are wrapped around the globe, which is highly relevant to the activist nature of the name. The circle is not just the shape of the globe, but also an inclusive shape that compliments the message that the multicolored arms are trying to communicate. The black, upper case writing with an exclamation point add extra emphasis to the message.

10. GoPlay Multicolored Logo Design

GoPlay Logo Design
In this case, the company is using a multicolored palette to create a sense of playfulness and fun in their logo design. The arrow-like shape filled with these colors is clearly referring to the word ‘go’ in the company name. Using violet for the wording gives a modern yet soft feeling that is underscored by the use of simple lower case letters. The black background contrasts with the colorful nature of the image.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.