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Pulling in an Audience: 10 TV Channel Logos That Attract Viewers

Out of the hundreds and even thousands of networks out there, most people return to just a handful of favorites every night. This is due not just to the quality of programming, but to the quality of branding as well. Many people continue to watch their favorite channels because they identify with the brand and, as any good logo designer can tell you, the logo design is the root of the brand. These logos do a great job of expressing the network’s values and purpose so viewers know exactly what to expect when they pick up the remote control.


1. PBS

PBS TV Channel Friendly Logo

The Public Broadcasting Service may have the most recognizable television logo in North America, with children from coast to coast able to pick out the familiar three heads and identify them with their favorite programs. The recognizable head shape began pointing in the opposite direction as it is now to form the ‘P’ in PBS. It has since been flipped around and matched with two identical images in the new corporate logo. Because the image in the middle is made with negative space, it is black on most backgrounds, which matches the station’s value of diversity.

2. Travel Channel

Travel Channel TV Channel Friendly Logo

This is a good example of a graphic designer being able to incorporate several themes into a small, uncluttered travel logo. First, there is a globe, which is important as the Travel Channel shows travel locales from all over the planet. The globe is intersected by two lines, which imply a travel itinerary. The letter ‘T’ wraps around the planet in a stylized way that could also be interpreted as an airplane with a trail. The blue of the globe is soothing, while the orange of the ‘T’ grabs attention immediately. This color blend is echoed in the television channel name that is usually placed below the graphic in this corporate logo. Check out the top 10 online travel website logos.

3. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon TV Channel Friendly Logo

What could be more fun than this messy, brash children’s network? Because Nickelodeon was once known for pouring slime on its biggest stars, the splatter shape of this children’s logo has a lot of logo design history behind it. The orange color of this networking logo is youthful, stimulating and attention-grabbing like the network itself.

4. History Channel

History Channel TV Channel Friendly Logo

The History Channel has to appear solid and reliable in order for its viewers to consider this television an authority on the past. Luckily, this network’s corporate logo gives its image the necessary gravity. The ‘H’ is drawn in a bold, traditional font with a gold color and extremely large size for added seriousness. Red lines underline the letter and also creep part of the way up the side, with white lines suggesting that they represent a book. This heavy, bookish logo could only work for this fact-heavy network.

5. Food Network

Food Network TV Channel Friendly Logo

Have you ever noticed that many eateries feature red and orange colors prominently in their signs, food logos, and décor? This is because red and orange make most people feel hungry. The Food Network is smart to use this color in their corporate logo and even smarter to put their name in the middle of a circle. Not only is this a very inclusive, friendly shape—which makes viewers feel a little less intimidated by some of the more complicated foods covered by this network—it also looks like a plate, tying in beautifully to the channel’s subject.

6. MTV

MTV TV Channel Friendly Logo

The truly amazing thing about the MTV corporate logo is that it has managed to look young and fresh for the almost three decades that this network has been in existence. With a solid, square ‘M’ and ‘TV’ scrawled diagonally across the right side, this logo shows the network’s reliability as well as their fun side. MTV has used their music logo with a variety of colors and prints, but it has been ever-present on this young and hip channel since the very beginning.

7. CNN

CNN TV Channel Friendly Logo

This is another classic media logo that has survived the tests of time and audience change. It is red, which is a powerful, attention-grabbing color that is well-suited to news coverage. Moreover, the three letters of the logo appear to have been made with one stroke that continues on after them, giving the impression of continuity. Because CNN is breaking news 24 hours a day, every day of the year, this sense of permanence and connection is very appropriate.

8. Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network TV Channel Friendly Logo

The Home Shopping Network logo pulls out every subliminal trick in the book to keep you buying their products. First, the company logo uses a sky-blue color palette, which is calming and cooling to shoppers who may not want to spend money if they are worried about their financial situation. The circular shape is friendly enough to make the network and its employees seem like an old friend that viewers want to return to. The lettering is solid and plain, making it easy to remember it in a sea of cable shopping networks.

9. Ion

Ion TV Channel Friendly Logo

Ion is a television network known for its positive, family-friendly programming. The business logo, which is in a soft baby blue with an orange circle containing a plus sign, contains colors that are both calming and stimulation. This is an excellent combination for the entertainment industry. The circle is likely meant to be the ion from which the company gets its name, and the positive sign informs viewers that this is a positive ion they are dealing with.

10. CBS

CBS TV Channel Friendly Logo

CBS deserves a spot on any list of great television logos for its simplicity and longevity. The familiar eye trademark has been used continuously since 1951. This is an appropriate graphic for several reasons. First, viewers watch the program with their eyes, obviously. Second, the network is known for their news reporting, making them an eye on the world.

These television channels are all very different and so are their logos. However, they all have a couple of important things in common. First, all of these logos tie in to the network’s programming and values. Second, they all use color and shape to drive the point home. Television channel logos don’t just tell you about the channel you are watching; they tell you about yourself and how you are being perceived and marketed to as a viewer.

Zee TV Channel Logo Redesign

Zee TV logo

You may never have heard about Zee TV, but here’s why you should care about its TV Channel logo design: It is one of the most popular television channels in the world. Although it is a relevant newcomer to the global network scene (Zee TV was established in 1992), this leading Indian channel now owns 25 separate channels in a large number of countries. The new media logo design for Zee TV will be seen by hundreds of millions of loyal television viewers, making it much more momentous than most of the channels we cover.

Like the channel, the Zee TV logo design must have been born in the nineties. It is bright to say the least and virtually assaults the senses with a superhero-like Z in front of an angled bright yellow square. The combination of purple, yellow, and blue is almost too much. On the other hand, it is an eye catching logo, and it will be equally recognizable whether placed in the bottom corner of a tiny television screen or blown up on a billboard.

The new Zee TV logo is definitely different, both in style and in mood. It features the same aqua blue as the old logo, but the yellow and purple are now gone. The Z is thicker and sits squarely in the logo design rather than diagonally. The Zee font is blocky and square, giving a solid and stable image to viewers. The slightly rounded corners soften this impression, and the wavy line flowing through the letter adds a little movement.

According to the press release that accompanied the logo change, the wavy line flowing through the letter Z is supposed to be an upward “flourish” signifying the “upward movement of desires and wishes.” As if that does not seem to be reading a bit too much into a single line, it also has been called a rainbow of hope.

Both logos seem overdone to our American eyes, but they are not really made for our American eyes. They are made for a culture where color is embraced in daily life. Although Zee TV has many channels that offer programming in several nations, their brand is aimed at South Asia. Thus, the logo design needs to be created for this unique market. If this channel were trying to woo the American or European markets, it would not work well in competition with the more serious, business-like network logos that we are used to.

This logo redesign is interesting mainly because it reminds us that the American market is not the only market out there. Zee TV is as popular as Discovery and other well-known American channels, but in a different market. When you are creating a logo design, you must consider the tastes and sensibilities of the market you are trying to reach. This is an especially important consideration for companies that plan to go global at some point. The logo design that works in your current area may need redesigned in order to be successful in another.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.